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Administration of Medications in School The school nurse is available to assist you with the health care concerns of your child/children in the school environment.  It is most important that the parent/guardian participate in the development of the health care plan when the child requires the administration of medication during school hours or school sponsored activities.  It is encouraged that all medication be administered at home, but in the unusual circumstance that it is necessary for a child to receive his/her medication during school, the following procedure must be followed:


  1. The medication must be in the original container and properly labeled.  The medication should be delivered to the health office by the parent/guardian.  A child should not be sent to school with any medication as the temptation to “share” with other children is a potential danger.


  1. Written orders from the physician for prescription and non-prescription medications should be submitted to the Health Office.  These orders should include:


    1. Student’s name and date of birth
    2. Name of the medication
    3. Dosage and route of administration
    4. Frequency and time of administration
    5. For prn (as necessary) medications, conditions, under which medication should be administered.
    6. Date written
    7. Prescriber’s name, title and signature
    8. Prescriber’s phone number


  1. Written permission from the parent/guardian


  1. If the above procedures are not acceptable or not complete, the child’s parent/guardian may come to school and administer the medication at the appointed time.


The school nurse, with the support from administration, is responsible for establishing a safe medication delivery system in the school environment.  In the event that the nurse is not available, the principal’s trained designee may assist a self-directed student with the taking of their own oral, topical, and inhalant medication.  The designee will be trained by the nursing personnel.


Under certain circumstances, a student may self carry emergency medication if a physician determines necessary.  Please contact your school nurse for further information regarding this option.

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