Student Athlete Handbook

Please read this student handbook carefully.  At McGann-Mercy we strive for a high quality and disciplined atmosphere while enjoying extra curricular activities. It is pertinent to all follow the school policies. Thank you!


McGann – Mercy High School

Student Athlete Handbook


Program Philosophy

Interscholastic athletics at McGann – Mercy High School is a component of the health and physical education program and, therefore, a significant part of the school’s entire educational model. Athletics should be a broadening experience in which each student athlete will have the opportunity to develop natural talents, gain satisfaction through hard work, fulfill goals and to make decisions responsibly. This value building experience is being offered to all our students.


            Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege, not a right. Desire, dedication and self-discipline need to be developed in order to ensure the commitment and personal sacrifice required by athletes. Making such a commitment helps to nurture a sense of self-worth, pride, loyalty and a sense of responsibility to the entire group. The final outcome is a better individual carrying these values with him or her throughout life.


Required Medical Clearance

The Commissioner’s Regulations mandate that all athletes must be given a physical examination prior to their participation in athletics. The school nurse will arrange for physical examinations to be given by the school physician three times a year. The results of the examination shall be valid for qualifying a student’s participation for a period of 12 months.


 Exams for fall sports are given at the end of May or beginning of June and approximately two to three weeks prior to the start of winter and spring season. In order for an athlete to be scheduled for a school exam, a Medical Clearance Card must be obtained, in advance, from the school nurse, completed and returned to the Health Office in a timely manner. In the case of fall sports, the Summer Evaluation Form must be completed and returned to the Health Office immediately prior to the start of fall practice.


            Physical exams are allowed to be completed by a primary care physician. However, our school physician, in compliance with state regulations (135.4, 136.3), must review the results of this examination and give final approval for participation in our interscholastic athletic program.




Mandates for Private Physician Clearance

*The private physician must use only McGann-Mercy forms for the examination process. A complete packet of forms for the process must be picked up from the Health Office.


*The private physician must conduct the examination and evaluate the athlete according to the criteria as indicated on the McGann-Mercy examination form.


*The parent must answer every question on the Medical Clearance Card accurately and explain all responses marked “yes”.


 *The physician must address all items listed on the examination form and initial each finding. The form must be filled out in its entirety.


*The private physician must sign and stamp the examination form.


*All forms must be submitted directly to the school nurse who will review the forms and, if complete, send the forms to the school physician for final review and signed approval. No faxed copies will be accepted.


*During the summer months, forms will be available only from the Main Office during business hours. Upon completion, forms must be returned to the school nurse which will then be sent by mail to the school physician for final review and approval. This process requires time and the athlete runs the risk of missing tryout dates when the medical clearance process is not completed in a timely manner.




In the event of an injury sustained by a student athlete in a practice, scrimmage or a contest, an injury report must be immediately completed by the supervising coach and submitted to the Athletic Director. The student athlete should then be provided with “Procedure for Participation in Interscholastic Sports Following Injury or Illness” form. 


No student athlete excused for medical reasons from a physical education class may participate in a practice, scrimmage or contest on the same day.



Academic Policy

The Athletic Department recognizes that the primary responsibility of student athletes is their education. Therefore, the Athletic Department supports the concept that student athletes should work to their potential in the classroom and be committed to achieving maximum academic success.



Academic Eligibility


Please refer to the handbook section referred to as Academic   Polices for the complete policy.

*A student who is absent may not attend any athletic function on the day of the absence from school.

*A student must be in school prior to 11:00AM and must remain in school until dismissal in order to be able to participate in any after school activity, sport or function.

*All students must abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Student/Athlete Contract.

*Any student with early dismissal who wishes to participate in an extracurricular activity MUST have completed a minimum of FOUR hours of school time for that day.

*Students who demonstrate problems with school absences and lateness are subject to suspension and/or dismissal from a team. Athletes are expected to get to school on time and make a commitment to classroom attendance.

*Student athletes who are suspended in or out of school may not compete or practice during the day of suspension.

*Student athletes who are issued detention must serve that detention on the assigned day irregardless of practice or game schedules.




Sportsmanship is of major importance and strongly emphasized in McGann-Mercy’s Athletic Department. Student athletes, spectators and coaches must recognize that they represent McGann-Mercy High School and their conduct plays an important role in establishing the reputation of the school.


            Student athletes, spectators and coaches who exhibit unacceptable behavior (including profane or abusive language) toward officials, coaches or other student athletes can be ejected from the site and banned from the next scheduled event.


            Failure to adhere to sportsmanlike conduct and expectations could result in additional disciplinary action as per the school administration and the Athletic Department.



Selective Classification

McGann-Mercy High School allows the superior athlete in 7th or 8th grades the opportunity to try out for a high school athletic team according to the rules of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. The NYSPHAA requires that any student in grades 7 or 8 pass SELECTIVE CLASSIFICATION to be eligible to participate on a high school team.


            The Selective Classification process is a multi-step procedure. All information and the necessary forms can be obtained from the Athletic Department.



Quitting or Dismissal from a Team

Student athletes who wish to terminate their membership from a team may be excluded from participation in the following sports season or the remainder of the school year.


            Student athletes who are dismissed from a team for violations of Athletic Department policies will lose the privilege to participate in the following sports season and may jeopardize their participation for the remainder of the school year.


            Student athletes who quit a team and are dismissed from a team twice will jeopardize their participation in athletics for the remainder of their time at McGann-Mercy High School.


Student Athlete Possessions

All student athletes are provided with a locker for their personal use located in the physical education locker room and/or the team locker room. It is essential that each student athlete purchases their own combination lock and assumes the responsibility for locking up and securing their books, clothing and personal possessions prior to leaving the locker room for practices or games.


            Student athletes are discouraged from bringing valuable personal items to school where they will be left in the locker room facility. Excess cash, expensive jewelry and electronic devices should be left at home.


            If student athletes leave their personal possessions and belongings unlocked or left on a bench in the locker room, they are inviting theft. Any student athlete caught stealing will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and banned from participating in athletics for the remainder of their time at McGann-Mercy High School

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