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McGann-Mercy High School provides a variety of course offerings, which are designed to meet the individual needs of all students and prepare them for their future.  With the help of their parents or guardians, teachers, and guidance counselors, students should be able to choose an educational program that is attainable, meaningful, and useful in meeting immediate goals, as well as preparing them for their objectives after graduation.       

In requesting courses for next year, study the course descriptions carefully; there should be no surprises about what is expected of you.  Evaluate yourself and be realistic.  Review all the graduation requirements and make sure that they will be met by your senior year.  Set high goals for yourself, but all Pre-requisites must be met before you sign up for advanced courses.  Please note that your choices will be reviewed in June by the Department Chairperson and will be accepted or denied according to your strengths and your needs.

The courses that are presented in this booklet are designed to assist you in making a good final decision about your future educational needs here at MMHS.  Since staffing, textbooks, and the Master Schedule are planned on the basis of spring registration, it is imperative that you choose your courses wisely.  Only under very specific and exceptional cases will you be permitted to change your classes after June. 

This site is designed to give you an over-all glimpse at what each course requires of you.  The content is clearly outlined and any special instructions concerning the course are included in the description.  The school and NYS require most courses that you will take, so you won’t have a choice.  However, beginning in your freshman year you will have a choice of a foreign language and which level of math and science is right for you.  As you progress through your sophomore, junior, and senior years numerous elective courses will be offered to you.  Therefore, electives should be planned and chosen carefully. Keep in mind that a half-year elective MUST be paired with another half-year elective.  In certain circumstances, in order to satisfy the selection of one choice, another non-selected course might be assigned.
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