McAuley Program

McGann-Mercy High School provides programs and services for students in grades 7-12 who have specific learning needs. The mission of the program is to allow students with special learning needs to achieve and become effective members of society.

This program is for students with special learning needs who demonstrate the cognitive capacity to take a college preparatory program. It is an ideal program for a student who wants the college preparatory educational experience but requires some adjustment to his/her academic needs. A student does not have to have an IEP. However, students with disabilities may include but are not limited to reading, writing, or mathematics disorders, language impairments and attention deficit disorder.

Intellectually capable adolescents with learning disorders can complete the New York State requirements for a Regents and/or Local Diploma. This can be achieved by the following educational methods that are used in the program:

• Taught through the student’s strengths
• Compensatory strategies
• Use of technology
• Taught with grade level materials
• Support services
• Counseled academically
• Structured small learning environment

In addition to the small classroom setting The McAuley Program uses the services of a resource room teacher. The program staff includes a program director, classroom teachers, counselor, social worker and test coordinator. The student is part of the school community. Students participate in homeroom, physical education, music, art and lunch and are encouraged to participate in curricular and extracurricular opportunities offered at the school.
• Contact the school for an interview and tour
• Submit a complete transcript which may  include a current IEP

Small Class Program – 12 Student Maximum
Students served through this model require special services for learning needs that impact academic achievement. They have needs in the areas of academics, communication, and/or social interaction and have been identified as being mildly or moderately disabled as stated in their Individualized Educational program (IEP). Students are prepared to achieve competency on all State and local mandated tests and have many opportunities for interaction with nondisabled students. Multiple interventions, such as multisensory lessons and the use of assisted technology, are incorporated into the program as indicated by each student IEP. Adjustments such as pacing of instructions and adaptive curriculum may be used to address individual needs. Related services identified on IEP’s will be addressed on a 1:1 need basis. These include but are not limited to speech/language; mental health services; occupational therapy; physical therapy and audiology.

Resource Program
The Resource Program is geared for students with a disability who attend either a special class or a general education class. The student must have an current IEP in order to qualify for this program..

Parent Connection
The McAuley Program is committed to working in partnership with parents. Formal parent/teacher conferences are scheduled throughout the year, however teachers are encouraged to communicate with parents as often as needed to ensure academic success.

Application & Acceptance into the McAuley Program
Interested parents should contact Robert DiRe at 727-5900 ext 332 to set up an interview. For questions, please call Heather Arciero at 631-727-5900 ext 324. The students current IEP and latest report should be brought to the interview for review. Following the interview, the McAuley Program staff will review acceptance into the program based on the interview and the student’s overall needs.

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