Please remember if you are never late to class and have a high enough homework average the lowest quiz will be dropped.

E-mailed projects/assignments will not be accepted unless previously discussed with Mr. Kwasnik

Instructor:  Mr. Bryan Kwasnik
Telephone:  631.727.5900, ext. 343
Period: 4, 6
Extra Help: Period 7;
Mon. & Wed. after school by appointment

General Resources:                                                
New American Bible
Adult Catechism
Vatican Website

​Specific Resources:
Papal Audience: A Heartfelt Appeal 
Rubric 2_TTM (1).pdf
Sacrosanctum Concilium - scroll down to paragraph 10

Your Kind of a Big Deal
Kindness Boomerang
Does the Church allow tattoos?
Is it possible to save sex for marriage?

Permission Slip (Opt Out): For those who do not want their son/daughter to watch a particular film in class. MMHS Movie Opt Out (1).docx


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