Understanding Catholicism
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Instructor:  Mr. Bryan Kwasnik
Email: bkwasnik@mcgann-mercy.org
Telephone:  631.727.5900, ext. 343
Periods:  1, 2, 5
Extra Help:  Period 7; Mon. & Wed. after school by appointment

General Resources:
New American Bible
Adult Catechism
Vatican Website

​​Specific Resources:
How To Pray
Prayer for Studies and Future
Bible Timeline (***Some dates may be inaccurate in the early history because they are based on a literalist interpretation of scripture. Also, the history in the timeline about Revelation and modern history does not coincide with Catholic belief. For the purposes we are using the website for it is accurate.)
Sacrosanctum Concilium - Scroll down to paragraph 10

Your Kind of a Big Deal
Kindness Boomerang
Samuel, Saul, David Video (The video begins at 1:40)


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