This Regents course covers the following major areas: matter and energy, atomic concepts, bonding, periodic table, mathematics of chemistry, organic chemistry and nuclear chemistry. Working knowledge of algebra is essential. Students should also be familiar with the use of standard notations of numbers, significant figures, metric system of units, dimensional analysis and have an understanding of direct and inverse relationships. Every student is required to supply his/her own safety glasses since safety procedures are strongly enforced. Scientific calculators must also be supplied by the student. This course has two double period laboratory sessions scheduled per week. All laboratory reports require answering questions concerning the results of the laboratory research and mathematical calculations are always involved. A completed lab folder is necessary to pass this course. All students are expected to take a Regents examination in June. 

Instructor:  Mrs. Marion Sarafin
Telephone:  631.727.5900, ext. 350
Periods:  1, 4 & 9 (Lab - Periods 2, 3 & 8)
Extra Help:  after school with appointment
beginning period seven but must let me know you are coming

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Scientific Notation Notes.docx - review nomenclature

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